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Commercial Water Filtration Solutions


Filtered water for manufacturing processes, machinery, medical uses etc. is often a requirement or necessity. Each application can have it’s own unique specification for filtration needs. Water Land can supply or help to design individual water filtration systems, according to the specific needs.

 Filtration applications such as micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, deionizing, specific contaminant removal etc. are where we come in. Please contact us to discuss your needs. We’re here to help.

  • Water cooler
  • Pre Filtration
  • Water Softening
  • Chemical Removal
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Iron Treatment

Most Common Water Problems

These are some of the most common problems found in our unfiltered water today. Contact us today and let us get you the best water you and your family deserve! 


Are there any stains on your dishes, shower doors, or fixtures? Water with a high mineral content is referred to as hard water.


Is your water smelling or tasting like a pool? Chlorine is widely used as a disinfectant...


Is there a metallic taste to your water or see reddish, rust-like stains? This can be caused by excess ferrous iron or ferric iron...


Does your water have a rotten egg odour? The foul stench of sulphur in your water supply is easy to spot...