Ecowater Reverse Osmosis Membrane ERO 385 - CONTACT US FOR PRICING!

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Please note: The ERO 375 has been replaced by the ERO 385. Replacement filters and parts are still available.

Features and Specifications:

  • Recommended replacement schedule:

    • As a pre-filter — 6 months
    • As a post-filter — 12 months
  • Fully encapsulated for sanitary and efficient filter changes
  • Easy-change filters eliminate the need for complicated system service or call-out charges — twist-out, twist-in, done!
  • No need to turn off the water supply when changing filters, removing the filter will stop water flow automatically
  • To replace, simply twist the old filter out clockwise, and the new one in counter-clockwise.
  • This filter can be used as a pre-filter or post-filter with the following systems:  
  • ERO/HERO 385 Reverse Osmosis System
  • EcoWater ERO/HERO 375 Reverse Osmosis System
  • EcoWater ERO 175 Reverse Osmosis System