Alkaline Santevia®  Water Energy Flask 380ml

Alkaline Santevia® Water Energy Flask 380ml

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 Santevia Alkaline Water Energy Flask

Receive the benefits of alkaline, re-mineralized water wherever you go!  With the Santevia® Energy Flask you can create cost effective alkaline water in a reusable, socially responsible, stainless steel flask.  The Santevia Energy Flask is the perfect solution to get the alkaline water you need for your active lifestyle - anytime!

Proper hydration is the key to maintaining energy throughout the day.  This unique Energy Flask has two mineral baskets that contain all natural compounds such as:

  • Tourmaline stones to raise the pH to 8.5+
  • Maifan stones to re-mineralize the water by adding iron, zinc, calcium and other beneficial minerals
  • Far infrared stones to energize the water
  • Chlorine reduction balls to reduce chlorine concentration
  • Negative potential balls to reduce the ORP value
  • Beautifully designed, the Energy Flask comes in Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Pink and Aqua

MORE than a water bottle – Alkaline To Go!

Volume: 380 ml. The mineral basket lasts 1000 uses or approximately one year!

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