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With our expert staff and quality products, we can help you to select products and services that will help improve  your health and overall quality of life.  From improving the taste and odor of your water, to removing hardness, iron, sulfur and chemicals, we have a wide selection of products, at competitive prices, to help you achieve your goals.

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Our mission is to help you achieve your "good-health" goals. We offer a broad selection of tested, proven water filtration systems that provide long lasting, top quality service at very competitive prices.  Please enjoy our website.  If you need any more information, we'd love to hear from you.

Quality personal water bottles

Not All Water Bottles Are Equal

Personal Water Bottles

Filter your Shower Water

Quality Shower Filters
remove chlorine from your shower water
remove contaminants from drinking water with filtration systems

Quality Water Filtration. Better than Pitcher Filters with Micro and Ultra Filtration Systems

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Reverse Osmosis for Drinking Water - Remove Potential Contaminants and Purify your Drinking water

Products that Purify
Great tasting pure reverse osmosis water
softeners make appliances last longer and save you money

Water Softeners to prevent -Scale Build Up, Soap Scum, Water Spots

Great Softening Products

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installation and maintenance on water filter systems

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Ecowater "Your Water Perfected"

From the best tasting water, to lower energy bills and better
performing appliances, you’d be surprised at how many ways an
EcoWater system can improve your life.

Ecowater Systems


Water Quality & Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

Solutions designed to facilitate the preservation, testing, treatment, and filtration of water because every drop counts. Our complete water quality and rainwater harvesting solutions offer everything you need to conserve and deliver the best water possible. You need it. We make it. Let’s get started.

WATTS Products


Smart Sustainable Water Solutions for LIFE

Energy efficient water treatment, filtration products, pumps and water systems for your home and business. Water treatment and movement solutions with comprehensive support for high performing operations

Pentair Products



We understand the importance of truly clean healthy water. That's why we’re working hard to provide affordable water filtration solutions to help improve the quality of water all over the world. Propur® is recognized as a leader in gravity, pressurized, counter top, under counter, inline, shower and “On The Go” water filtration products. Our ProOne® and ProMax™ filters are uniquely engineered to reduce even the latest undesirable contaminants and pollutants using industry leading water filtration technology. 

Propur Products


Berkey Water Filter Systems

All Berkey water filters produce purified drinking water. In order to be classified as a water purifier, Berkey has surpassed standards set by the military in order to be able to differentiate between water filters of different abilities.Each of Berkey's offerings are built on the principle of simple innovation and design to give our customers years of trouble free service.

Berkey Systems


Santevia "Mineralized Alkaline Water"

With Santevia’s convenient water filtration products, you can enjoy healthy, mineralized alkaline water and restore balance anytime, anywhere.

Santevia Alkaline Water


Concentrace Mineral Drops

ConcenTrace® is made from Utah’s Great Salt Lake inland seawater, which contains, in the form of a balanced concentration of electrolytes, more than 72 bioavailable ionic trace elements, including magnesium. ConcenTrace® is ideal for active people.

Take ConcenTrace® daily to optimize your health!

Concentrace Solution


Excalibur Water Systems "Water Quality You Can Trust"

Excalibur Water Systems is a global manufacturer of water softeners, iron filters, speciality filters, dealkalizers and side stream filters from 1 to 2,000 gallons per minute (3,785 litres to 7,570 litres per minute). 

Excalibur Products


Pure Hydration "For a Thirsty World"

Pure Hydration provides the world with personal water filtration, emergency water filtration, and in-home water filtration, instantly, on-demand.

Pure Hydration Bottles

Our Services

Water Delivery, Installation of Reverse Osmosis, Whole Home Filters and Water Softeners, Filter Changing, Water Testing, System Sanitizing

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Recent Projects


Point of Use Water Cooler

"No More Bottles"

This cooler has a filtration system built-in. 

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Drinking System for Condo

A sleek, high performance reverse osmosis system installed in a tight space

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Unique System for Dental Sterilizers

This system makes distilled quality water for use in sterilizing units such as Autoclaves

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Whole Home Filtration

The best way to ensure the entire home gets great drinking water, elegant bathing, softer clothes, removal of heavy metals, scale protection for appliances and hot water tanks...

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