Pump Me UP

It was 32 degrees Celsius at game time and hydration was the first thing on my mind.  I filled a 5 gallon water jug with alkaline water, added mineral drops, filled the rest with ice cubes and installed a hand pump.  I carried the bottle to the soccer field where Deanna's team (15 year old girls) was to play.  

We let the Coach know that the water was for the team and that the girls could help themselves to help keep them hydrated.  Not only were the players soon refilling their own water bottles but some of the interested young onlookers came over to try a cup or two.  Even the coach got in on the great tasting water.  The refs added two water breaks during the game for obvious reasons...good call.  The players came rushing to the bench to top up on the thirst quenching liquid, but it was the pump that made it so much fun and easy to use.  One of boys, watching the game, filled up three bottles for him and his buddies.  He was so impressed that he wanted to take it home.  He'll have to come to the next game to get his fill.

A great idea for sports, camping, picnics, barbecues or any group activity where water is the drink of choice.


Artesian Hand Pump                    Hydration for Soccer Game

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  • next game…today. 31 deg and muggy. the pump will come in handy. i’ll try to remember to get some photos.


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