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We Are NOW an Authorized EcoWater Dealer 905-849-9993
We Are NOW an Authorized EcoWater Dealer 905-849-9993

Fix Our World Event

It was an honor for us to take part in this special event.  If we take good care of ourselves and the environment we can truly "Fix Our World" person at a time.

It started with an uplifting and spiritual opening ceremony featuring an Indian celebration.  A Shaman, a Six Nations guide and other spiritual leaders led everyone in prayer and meditation, focusing on the environment, the four legged creatures, the two legged creatures, birds of the sky and our souls.  What a great way to kick things off.

The vendor displays included aids awareness, government watchdogs, energy and spiritual healers.  Michael the environmentalist was also there to answer "virtually any question".  A wealth of environmental and worldly knowledge for adults and kids alike.  Plenty of fun for the kids at the play stations kept the young ones hopping.

The sound stage had entertaining and talented singers and musicians all weekend.  It was capped off with a grand finale featuring Canadian Idol winner, Brian Melo who showed off his musical and vocal talents.

If you missed it, look for it next year and put it on your calendars.  It's a must attend event.

A big thanx to Linda Lannigan for a massive effort to bring this together.  Her goal for next year is...what make it bigger and better.



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Linda Lannigan - July 19, 2013

It was an honor to have you at the festival last year! We are excited to have Waterland back for Fix Our World Festival 2013 providing the best possible drinking water for our citizens to bring their own reusable drinking cups. Waterland also has amazing products for sale I am very impressed with your selection of drinking containers that are environmentally safe. Disposable Plastic water bottles are not permitted at the park. We want the public to learn how to reduce reuse and restore our planet. Fix Our World is excited and thankful for the support of Waterland for more details.

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