ProOne / Propur Whole Home Filter System - ProHome Complete

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  • Compact Whole House Water Filtration System
  • Includes Sub-Micron Post Filter
  • Removes 220+ Contaminants - Including Fluoride
  • Includes Scale Inhibitor
  • Does NOT Require Electricity


ElectrochargedTM Filter


ProSoftTM Saltless Softener/Conditioner


3/4″ Ports

Overall System Size:

27.75″ x 48″ x 9.5″


Sediment removal

220+ contaminant removal

Softens water

Propur® unveils next generation compact whole house water filtration system. 
Great tasting water with broad spectrum contaminant reduction.
Remove 220+ contaminants for as little as $0.035 per gallon up to 50,000 gallons. 
Ideal for residential use in filtering potable municipal or well water*.