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We Are NOW an Authorized EcoWater Dealer 905-849-9993
We Are NOW an Authorized EcoWater Dealer 905-849-9993

Our Projects

Point of Use Water Cooler Installed in Office Lunch Room

This cooler is connected to an existing water line. The built-in filtration system delivers clean, clear, great tasting water.


Point of use water cooler

 Compact Drinking Systems for Condos

When space is at a premium but you don't want to compromise the quality of your drinking system these are great options.

 Water Filter for small spaceWater Filter for small space



Specialty Systems

Specifically designed for dental offices, where distilled water is required.

 Dental SterilizerDental Sterilizer

Dental SterilizerDental Sterilizer 


Whole Home Filtration

When it comes to ensuring the best quality water for your family, not only for drinking but for bathing and for working water such as dish washing and clothes washing, heavy metal removal, whole home units are the only way to go. We carry a range of whole home filtration to meet your needs.




          Coffee Shops/Cafes