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We Are NOW an Authorized EcoWater Dealer 905-849-9993
We Are NOW an Authorized EcoWater Dealer 905-849-9993

Hydronix Mineral and PH Filter for Reverse Osmosis System

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Hydronix Inline Alkaline/ORP filter

Raises pH of RO water

Designed for prolonged contact by being connected directly to the outlet of the membrane

Capacity - 2,000 Gallons

Size - 2.5" x 12"

Fittings- 1/4" FNPT

Maximum Flow - .5 GPM

The filter contains a blend of media: D300 Alkalizing Bio Tablets, D600 anti-oxidant mineral spheres, bio ceramic alkalizer, ORP mineral stone and mineral stones, in addition to pads at entrance and exit of the filter.

The filter re-mineralizes and raises the pH of your purified water by at least 1 to 2 points. By adding this inline filter to a reverse osmosis (RO) system, you get the optimum benefit of the alkaline-mineral-ORP media: a higher pH, higher mineral content, and lower ORP.