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We Are NOW an Authorized EcoWater Dealer 905-849-9993
We Are NOW an Authorized EcoWater Dealer 905-849-9993

Vectapure 360V Ultrafiltration Replacement Filters - Sediment and Carbon Block

Original price $40.00 - Original price $42.00
Original price
$40.00 - $42.00
Current price $40.00
Material: Sediment Replacement Filter Blue

Sediment and Carbon Block Quick Change replacement filters for Vectapure V360 Ultrafiltration System.

Vectapure UF360 is a quick change ultrafilter system designed for drinking water.  the three replacement filters you need to change are; 

  • 5 micron sediment Filter (Blue)
  • Carbon filter to remove VOC’s, chlorine and taste and odor (Green)
  • Ultrafilter membrane that strips the water to 0.01 microns effectively removing bacteria and virus (Violet).

 Features and Specifications:

  • Requires no storage tank and wastes drain
  • Removes chlorine, taste and odor, bacteria and volatile organic chemicals while leaving healthy minerals in the water.
  • Filters can be changed in seconds without the need to turn off the water supply!
  • Each filter is color coded for easy and trouble-free selection and installation.

Click here for Vectapure 360V brochure