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Watts Softener and Carbon Filtration (Dual Media) - Product Available Contact Us for Pricing!

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Dual-Media Water Softeners W100 Series have W100 valves and combine two technologies in one single tank. Having one control valve and mineral tank reduces costs, while having the carbon and resin in separate chamber ensures proper contact time and no media migration. Carbon can be replaced without replacing the resin, and the system has a lower pressure drop than twin tank systems. Space saving design features Vortech tank technology for higher backwash rates, and the Vortech tanks are NSF standard certified. These water softeners have no gravel under the bedding, which reduces costs and weight. Made in the USA.

  • Water softener and carbon filter in one compact design with lower pressure drop than twin tank systems
  • Activated carbon reduces chlorine, tastes, and odors while extending ion exchange resin life
  • High efficiency ion exchange resin enhances performance when water is high in iron
  • Patented Vortech distribution system reduces backwash duration